Plant Health Care Miller Place NY

In order to have a picture perfect landscape, a home or business owner will need more than just healthy grass. While that certainly is essential, it is only half the job. Your trees, shrubs, and ornamental flowers are also critical assets. And in addition to their aesthetics, many of them can also have utility value. A large tree can reduce heating and cooling bills by acting as a windbreak in the winter, and providing shade in the summer. The same is true with large shrubs, which can also act as a privacy measure when placed along the perimeter of the backyard. For those in Miller Place, and the surrounding region, Lawn Pro / Green Leaf is the top choice in plant health care.

A Good Investment
Shrubs, plants, and trees can be costly to replace if they die. And in the case of large shade trees, its replacement may take a long time to grow before it can do the same job as the old one. Investing some money in our plant health care services will be less costly in the long run than having to pay for the cutting down, removal, and more frequent installation of new shrubs and trees. There is also nothing like consistently healthy and thriving plant life to keep up the appearance of your outdoors.

Our Treatments
The products we apply to your plant life are designed to eliminate pests and diseases while providing the nutrients that they may not be receiving an adequate supply of from the soil.
     • Spring dormant oil. This is a human and pet safe product, and an excellent prevention measure. It smothers eggs, and any adults that may have burrowed            inside your shrubs or trees during the winter that are waiting to wake up and eat your flora.
     • Pest Control. Certain pests will require a different approach. For the wooly adelgid, who tends to target hemlocks, we make use of a material that acts as a          smothering agent, rather than resorting to chemical pesticides. For others, like the holly leaf miner, a penetrating material is used, that is absorbed by the              leaf, which is where the leaf miners begin their destructive work.
     • Detoxification. Utilizing a vegetable oil soap based product, we clean out any toxin buildup that your plants, flowers, and shrubs may have accumulated                through outside factors.
     • Fall deep root feeding. Proper nutrition is essential for optimal health. The nutrients we will supply your plants will make them more naturally resistant to               disease and attack from pests.
     • Fall Dormant Oil. This second treatment of oil will target pests that may have made their way into your yard and attempted to lay eggs inside your plants in            preparation for the winter.
     • Anti-desiccant. In the case of harsh weather during the winter, this waxen material will prevent your evergreen plants from cold weather burning. It acts the          same way Chap-Stick will protect your lips.

Contact Us
If you notice something wrong with any of your plants, or still have healthy plants and want to enlist the services of true plant health care professionals to make sure they stay that way, Lawn Pro / Green Leaf is the leading choice in this area. Our company has a thorough prevention and nutrition program, as well as a knowledgeable staff that can detect and remedy problems before they become too large. Please call us today or visit our contact page to get your plant life on the best health care program in Miller Place. We look forward to doing business with you.