Mosquito Control Miller Place NY

While we get caught up in the aesthetics of our outside property, and creating that perfect picture for every observer, we may sometimes forget about the other purpose of maintaining our outdoors. It is not just a work of art, but also a part of our living space. A place to have fun and make memories. As we all know, outdoor memories are even better if you are not being eaten alive by mosquitoes. If you own a business that requires customers to spend time in its outdoor space, their experience will be far more pleasant if they do not remember it as the place where mosquitoes were rampant. So if you own a home or run a business in the Miller Place area, Lawn Pro / Green Leaf is your most reliable option. Here, we know that running a successful pest control program is about more than just repelling pests that eat your foliage or grass. You and your guests also require protection from the pests that will come for you, and leave behind an itchy annoyance.

About Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are different than many outdoor lawn pests. They are airborne, and do not burrow or crawl onto your property. This can make them more difficult to control. When they are not hunting for a drop of your blood, their preferred places of rest are shaded areas such as 
     • Bushes
     • Underneath decks
     • Shade trees
     • Fencing

They also reproduce in standing water. Ways to help reduce their numbers is to eliminate standing water as much as possible. If you have bird baths, make sure you change the water regularly. If you use tarp, do not let water collect and form a puddle for too long. When we come to your property, we pay special attention to these preferred areas.

Our Products
When you call Lawn Pro / Green Leaf for assistance with your mosquito problem, you can be assured that any humans and pets will be safe from the treatments. The product we use to drive away these pests is completely organic, and will not harm anyone who is not supposed to be there. At Lawn Pro / Green Leaf, we value your safety, as well as the health of the environment.

Our Technique
Mosquitoes, like many insects and bugs, are resourceful. They have survived in this world for millions of years. The only way to keep as many of them off your property as possible is to be equally resourceful, as well as diligent. As soon as the time arrives that their activity level increases, we are right there to deliver the first application. And we make sure to do so every two weeks after, for a total of five treatments. We stay on top of things to dwindle their numbers to a practically insignificant level. Our expert technicians spray your bushes, trees, lawn, and everywhere they may hide. 

Contact Us
Lawn Pro / Green Leaf has been in the pest control business for decades. During that time, we have honed our skills, researched the ideal products, and have an unsurpassed work ethic that will lead to the best possible result every mosquito season. We want you, your family, and friends to be able to enjoy a nice barbecue out on your lawn without getting a body full of bumps, condemning you to days of itching. Our capable company has been serving the Miller Place region for the past three decades. Give us a call or visit our contact page today for more information.