Lawn Fertilization Miller Place NY

A thick lawn with a vibrant green color not only looks beautiful, it can also raise the value of your property. In order to get that perfect appearance, however, your grass will need expert level care. It needs to be protected from weeds along with receiving an adequate amount of nutrients, some of which may be deficient in your soil. Fortunately, if you live in the surrounding area of Miller Place, you have experts at your disposal. Lawn Pro / Green Leaf has been serving this area for over three decades, providing consistent top level lawn services to both residential and commercial customers.

Our Program
Our company’s 7-step program is designed to bring out the lush color of your turf, promote a healthy growing cycle, deep root growth, and keep the weeds away. We also eliminate fungal infestations.
     • Step 1 – Early spring. Your lawn will receive the first fertilizer treatment of the year with slow release nitrogen, as well as a blanket spray of pre-emergent              crabgrass and broadleaf control.
     • Step 2 – Late spring. A more balanced fertilizer of slow release nitrogen and iron, as well as another round of broadleaf weed spray.
     • Step 3 – Early summer. We use two products of insect control. One deals with the bugs above the surface, the other repels those, such as grubs, that live            beneath the surface.
     • Step 4 – Late Summer. A slow release iron fertilizer will help keep the color. At this time, we spot spray any broadleaf that may have survived.
     • Step 5 – Autumn. A balanced lawn fertilizer is used to promote deep root growth and recovery from the summer stress. Treatment of broadleaf and grassy            weeds. Aeration and overseeding is recommended at this time.
     • Step 6 – Autumn. Limestone will be applied to reduce the acidity of your soil that has built up throughout the year. We use a pelletized product that is far              more effective than the traditional type.
     • Step 7 – Late autumn / early winter. A winterizing fertilizer is applied to further promote deep root growth, and leave your turf in a stronger position come the        next spring.

Aeration and Overseeding
As the year passes, rainfall, walking and mowing traffic, and other factors will cause your soil to become compacted. When that happens, oxygen, fertilizer, and water cannot permeate the dirt as easily, and some of it will end up running off, and not reaching the roots. Thus, your grass will be insufficiently nourished. Our aeration service will relieve that compaction, making holes in the soil. As the soil falls back together, it will be more loosely packed, immediately oxygenated, and more permeable. After aeration, we can fill in new seed in the holes, leading to a thicker lawn that is more resistant to weeds. The best time to aerate and overseed is in the fall, when the moderated temperatures make it grow more rapidly, so the holes will be quickly filled in by new grass. This should be done once every year.

Contact Us
Over the past three decades, Lawn Pro / Green Leaf has established a reputation as a leading lawn care company in the Miller Place area. We have done so on the merit of our work. Our employees are as pleasant and approachable as they are conscientious and skilled. If you are interested in having your lawn raised to the next level, this company is your best choice. Give us a call or visit our contact page today for more information. We would be pleased to come out to your home or business to give you a consultation.