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In the northeast of Long Island is a hamlet with a long and preserved history. Wading River has indeed stood the test of time. It has not only survived, but thrived. The unincorporated community stands within two towns – Riverhead and Brookhaven. The people of this community have put an effort into the preservation of their roots. That is something they have in common with Lawn Pro / Green Leaf. We are dedicated to preserving their roots as well – those of their grass, and their plants. Our company is happy to be a part of keeping this community naturally colorful. And with the plants and the grass we tend, our reputation continues to flourish.

Before the arrival of the European settlers, this land was owned and occupied by the Algonquin Native American tribe. They referred to the land as Pauquaconsuk, and the hamlet’s current name of Wading River is somewhat derived from the meaning of that Algonquian word.

In the later part of the 17th century, a group of eight European families moved into the area and formed a settlement. The water layout of the region, as well as the wooded landscape made it an ideal place to build houses and grow crops. Agriculture remained the mainstay of this community for nearly three centuries.

In the middle of the 20th century, the economy transitioned from a rural agricultural community to suburban type neighborhoods and a sizable business sector. This happened with the end of World War II, when numerous veterans chose this area as their new home. Today, Wading River encompasses 9.8 square miles. As of the 2010 census, a population of 7,719 was reported.

The hamlet of Wading River has a joint school district with the incorporated village of Shoreham. The public school children of both communities make up two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

Business and Economy
Wading River has a sizable retail sector with industries such as camping stores, grocery stores, clothes, and nurseries. Brokers and agents are represented here in the service sector of this hamlet. If you are looking for food, there are numerous restaurants with several different cuisine types to choose from, as well as some ice cream parlors for those who have saved room for dessert.

Also worthy of special mention is the historic district of Wading River, which has accounting practices, financial planning, and restaurants.

Recreation and Attractions
Nature has endowed this area well. Consequently, Wading River has eye-catching parks. Brookhaven State Park contains 25 miles of trails that can be used for walking, jogging, and bike riding. Visitors are treated to over 1,600 acres of pine barrens as they wind their way through.

Hallock State Park is primarily designed for passive recreation, though there are hiking trails. Bird and nature watching is a popular activity here. It covers 225 acres, and runs up to the north shore of the ocean. 

Wildwood State Park is a 600-acre site that contains mainly forested areas. This is a beachfront park, and a popular place to take a swim, or go paddle boarding. In addition, there is a children’s playground along with a picnic area.

Great Rocks Golf Club is a semi-private club with an 18-hole course. One of the features that will stand out to the player is the exceptional amount of twists and turns for many of the holes, making for a challenging long game. Inside the clubhouse, you can get a good meal at Blackwell’s Restaurant after your round is over.