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Port Jefferson Station is one of the 50 hamlets of the Town of Brookhaven. Resting on the fertile land of Suffolk County, it has a long history of cultivation of plant life. Though the farms have been largely replaced by suburban homes, the need of the residents to sustain the flora has not changed. The people of Port Jefferson Station, having pride in their homes and properties, are increasingly turning to Lawn Pro / Green Leaf. They do so because we are preceded by our reliable and competent reputation. We are happy to serve these residents, and look forward to adding more to our roster of completely satisfied clients as the years go by.

Prior to the arrival of the European settlers, the area now known as Port Jefferson Station was inhabited by Native Americans, who named the area Comsewogue. In the middle of the 18th century, William Tooker made a home here, becoming the first European resident. During that time, the settlement became known as Echo. As the settlement grew, farming was the basis of the local economy. It remained this way for nearly two centuries.

In the 1870s, the Long Island Rail Road Company made its way to Echo’s neighbor to the north, Port Jefferson. The advent of the easier transport of crops allowed the settlement of Echo to further thrive, and attracted new residents. Eventually, the trading and cultural relationship between the unincorporated Echo and Port Jefferson led to a name change to Port Jefferson Station. The border between the village and the hamlet are the tracks laid down by the Long Island Rail Road Company.

During the 1950s, local agriculture gave way to diversification of small businesses, and Port Jefferson Station began its transition from a rural to a suburban area. During the 1970s, the metamorphosis was complete. Today, the hamlet of Port Jefferson Station encompasses 2.6 square miles, all of which is land. As of the 2010 census, 7,838 residents were reported within the census designated area.

Port Jefferson Station does not have its own independent school district. The majority of its public school children go to the schools of the Comsewogue School District, with some attending the districts of Mount Sinai, Three Village Central, and Middle Country Central.

Business and Economy
This densely populated suburban community has an abundance of local service businesses similar to Lawn Pro / Green Leaf. The retail industry in Port Jefferson Station is quite diverse, with a mixture of large corporate stores and small boutiques. There is also a considerable selection of restaurants with different cuisines, as well as pubs.

Recreation and Attractions
For those looking to get in shape, there is an LA Fitness center available within the area. However, if outdoor exercise is more your preference, why not take yourself on the Setauket Greenway Trail? This is a total of 3.4 miles of winding, paved trail with several hills. It will take you from Port Jefferson Station through Setauket. You will see open woodlands, pastures, while also giving you a view of the suburban life. You can see a replica of the beauty that Lawn Pro / Green Leaf can provide for your property should you choose us to look after it.

Washington Avenue Park also renders a diverse picture of nature. There are several species of trees that provide a relaxed, calming ambiance, along with the well-kept grass for those looking for nature watching or other passive recreation. It also has a children’s playground, as well as a baseball field.