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Against the north end of Long Island stands a popular tourist area of Mount Sinai. A hamlet of the Town of Brookhaven, it is an old community with roots in agriculture and tourism. Since becoming suburban, it has attracted countless visitors. Lawn Pro / Green Leaf contributes to its attraction by serving as a leader in the lawn and plant care industry to the people of Mount Sinai. We continue to beautify this affluent community, and are happy to keep giving visitors a reason to come.

Mount Sinai was settled by Europeans somewhat earlier than some of the territories that now make up its neighboring hamlets. Before the arrival of the colonials, the Seatocot tribe of Native Americans who owned this land named it Nonowatuck. In the middle of the 17th century – 1664 to be exact – European settlers purchased this land from the tribe and renamed it “Old Mans.”

Many settlers moved out during the American Revolution, due to the land that is now Suffolk County being under British control. However, those that stayed, especially around Old Mans due to its remote location at the time, became important in the colonists’ war effort by providing information as well as money and supplies.

After the war, Old Mans and its surrounding communities returned to a state of stability. During the 19th century, the name was changed to Mount Vernon, however, that moniker was short-lived. One year later, the religious residents changed it once again to Mount Sinai, and the name has remained ever since.

In the late 19th century, Mount Sinai transitioned into a resort town. Its beaches made it an ideal getaway location for those in nearby New York City. This resulted in the construction of vacation houses and cottages. Today, Mount Sinai covers 6.4 square miles, 0.4 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, 12,118 residents were reported.

The Mount Sinai School District has three schools that are on one large campus. It is a relatively recent creation, opening in 1966, with the high school opening in 1991. Prior to that, its public school children attended the Port Jefferson School District.

Business and Economy
Mount Sinai remains a tourist area since transitioning from its agricultural roots. Supporting the golf course, beaches, and lodging is supported by a retail sector of boutiques, gift shops, restaurants, as well as service based industries, including lawn care businesses like Lawn Pro / Green Leaf. Because it borders the water, it is no surprise that the fishing industry also has a heavy presence here.

Recreation and Attractions
The Mount Sinai Yacht Club is located on Mount Sinai Harbor, and was established in 1964. It consists of a clubhouse, bar, fuel dock, marina, barbecue areas, and shower facilities. It hosts events year-round ranging from the Super Bowl to the Summer Cruise. Private parties can also be held here for members only.

Cedar beach is separated into two sections – the main and the west. The west section has a fishing pier, boat launch, and marina. The main section has a bar, restaurant, bathroom facilities, volleyball courts, and a concession stand. In between the sections is a nature preserve along with an educational nature center. There is a diverse mixture of plant and animal life to be observed here on its walkway. Carnivals are also held in the parking area. 

Golfers will also enjoy the Willow Creek Country Club, which along with its delectable Grill Room Restaurant and Bar, has a sufficiently challenging 18-hole golf course that is one of the highest rated in Long Island.