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In south central Long Island, within the Town of Islip, is a hamlet of Slavic founding. Though Bohemia has since been ethnically diversified, with many of today’s residents coming from an abundance of ancestries, the Slavic historical founding still remains ever present in this hamlet. Lawn Pro / Green Leaf has been leaving our mark in this community for quite a while as well. Residents have appreciated the lawn care and plant care service we have been providing to the people of this area for years. We come highly recommended, because our own rich history speaks for itself.

The original settlement that comprises the hamlet of Bohemia was founded in the middle of the 19th century by Czech immigrants who had escaped the totalitarian rule of their ancestral country. Initially attempting to earn money as street musicians in New York City, they bought land on a section of Long Island, building their own houses. Three years later, 18 new families had moved into the area, and most had industrial employment in either fishing or oil.

Many of these residents were also Slavic, and they were skilled at the art of cigar crafting. Years later, cigars would become the major export of this town, with entire factories being built, and the process continued to be handmade. This lasted until the 1930s, when machine manufacturing put cost pressure on hand rolling, and the factories subsequently closed. After World War II, Long Island in general underwent diversification and development, and Bohemia was no exception. Today, Bohemia covers 8.8 square miles of land. As of the 2010 census, the hamlet registered 10,180 residents.

Bohemia does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend the Connetquot School District, which covers the hamlets of Bohemia, Ronkonkoma, and Oakdale, as well as the town of Sayville. It has seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.

Business and Economy
Part of the Long Island MacArthur Airport stands in the hamlet of Bohemia. This airline flies to many major metropolitans in the United States, and is convenient to Long Island residents, along with people in the general proximity. This airport enables them to fly out without having to drive all the way to New York City.

A few of the industries in the professional sector of Bohemia are home improvement, excavators, lodging, health care such as physical therapy, as well as HVAC, and many more. The retail sector is represented by establishments such as restaurants, general and specialized grocery stores, car dealerships, antique shops, and more.

Recreation and Attractions
In recreational terms, this hamlet is popular among equestrians. Within Bohemia is Connetquot River State Park. The layout of the park is designed for horseback riding. Horses can often be seen being walked or ridden towards the park in the streets that are near to the park, as many of those residents have stables. The verdant grass and lush plant life is a picture that you can also have at home if you choose Lawn Pro / Green Leaf to look after your outdoors.

The museum of the Bohemia Historical Society may be relatively small in size, but it is large when it comes to information. Artifacts, photos, and house settings from earlier periods are available for display. It also shows how cigars were made back in the days of the hamlet’s economic rise.

McGuire’s Comedy Club is one of the best in Long Island. In addition to their regular stand-up routines, they also host fundraising and special events, as well as birthday parties.