Flea & Tick Control Miller Place NY

Fleas and ticks have some things in common with another common lawn pest, the mosquito. They all feed on blood. Like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks can be carriers of various diseases, possibly the most notable of which is Lyme disease, carried by the tick. Finally, their bites cause itchiness and irritation, and can be a nuisance when trying to have a pleasant day in your yard playing ball with your children or pets. Fortunately, for residents in Miller Place, and Suffolk County, Lawn Pro / Green Leaf is here to clear your outside of these small, sometimes hard to see creatures.

Prevention and Removal
Like many insects and bugs, fleas and ticks go through a metamorphosis. Many people only recognize them as adults when they feel their bite, or notice them on their pets. In actuality, at any point in time, only about five percent of existing fleas are in their adulthood. Over 50 percent are eggs, and the remaining 45 percent are in larval or pupal stage. At Lawn Pro / Green Leaf, we aim to prevent this reproduction by properly timing our treatments, and spraying in their preferred locations.

As for ticks, while they cannot jump, they latch on to humans and pets by hanging on vegetation, latching on to their hosts when they come in physical contact with the tree, blade of grass, or shrub where they are waiting. They are adept at detecting body heat and carbon dioxide. 

On this program, your property will get a minimum of three treatments during the season. The beginning corresponds with the warming of the weather. Each application will last between three and four weeks. The number of treatments you will receive will depend on how long it stays warm enough for them to remain active.
Our technicians will be happy to answer any questions as well as address any concerns you may have on this important issue.

Our Products
It would somewhat defeat the purpose of ridding your grass and plants of ticks and fleas if the chemicals used are harmful to either people or pets. That is why at Lawn Pro / Green Leaf, we take pride in having researched the products that are not only highly effective, but highly safe. Our flea and tick sprays are purely organic, and will not harm you, your dog, your cat, or anything beneficial. In addition, it is also more environmentally friendly.

Help Us Help You
Since ticks and fleas hide out in shaded areas, precautionary measures can be taken by home and business owners. Bushes and shrubs should be regularly trimmed to allow sunlight to penetrate through, reducing the inner shade. Trees should be sufficiently pruned, and grass should be regularly mowed so as not to grow too long. Get rid of unnecessary standing water in your yard, and if you have a birdbath, change out the water weekly.

Contact Us
The ownership and staff at Lawn Pro / Green Leaf has been looking out for the welfare of the residents of Miller Place and Suffolk County for a long time. We have a proven track record of keeping fleas and ticks off the properties of each of our clients, providing them and their pets with a safe lawn on which to play or relax without having to worry about contracting diseases associated with these pests. We would love to hear from you. Give us a call or email us today with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.